Toyota Parts Warranty Information


Valid for Canadian Residents Only


Accessory Warranty

Toyota is proud to offer a wide range of Accessories that are designed specifically for your Toyota and Scion vehicles. When you purchase Toyota Genuine Accessories and TRD Accessories, you have the additional assurance that your investment is protected by Toyota’s Accessory Warranty.

If your accessories are purchased from and installed by Toyota, your accessory warranty covers the parts and the labour.

Coverage Terms

If you purchase Accessories DURING your new vehicle purchase your coverage is:

3 YEARS / 60,000 km

If you purchase your accessories AFTER your new vehicle purchase, your coverages is:

The balance of the new vehicle basic warranty (up to 3 years / 60,000 km)


 12 months/ 20,000 km

What is not covered: Maintenance services such as replacement brake pads/linings and clutch linings. Noise, vibration, cosmetic conditions and other deterioration caused by normal wear and tear. TRD customers are responsible for ensuring that the use of any TRD part complies with all applicable federal, provincial or local laws, regulations and ordinances.

Replacement Parts Warranty

If your replacement parts are purchased from and installed by a Toyota dealer, your replacement parts warranty covers the parts and labour. **

Coverage Terms


If replacement parts are provided to you at no charge as part of the New Vehicle Basic Warranty, your coverage is:

90 days


The new balance of the new vehicle basic warranty

(whichever is greater, for parts and labour)

If you purchase replacement parts from a Toyota Dealer and have them installed by a Toyota Dealer your coverage is:

24 Months


40,000 km

(Whichever comes first, for parts and labour.)


If you purchase replacement parts from Toyota and have them installed elsewhere your coverage is 12 months, unlimited km for parts only. Replacement parts that are purchased from and installed by Toyota as part of the Remanufactured Parts Program are covered for 12 months, 20,000km whichever comes first.


What is not covered: Parts replaced under extended retail muffler, shock absorber and battery warranties. Replacements required due to wear, discoloration, deterioration, deformation, fading and normal noise. Replacement required after 6months on the following items would be considered wear and non-warrantable: Bulbs, Filters, Wiper blades and inserts and fuses.