Why Buy Winter Rims with Tires?

Winter rim and tire packages are the best choice for your winter tire purchase!

The benefits of buying winter wheels with your Tires:

Less wear on your tires

Each time a tire is removed from a Rim it weakens the tire's sealing bead. A tire bead is what seals to the rim to ensure air does not escape. Each time a tire is taken off the rim this bead is stretched and risks being torn by tire machines.

Save your wheels

Winter wheels are made for winter, but our factory wheels can become tarnished, rusty and even pitted from the outside elements we are subject to during the winter. Salts, rocks and chemicals made to help keep us on the road safe hurt the finish of our wheels. Winter wheels are an inexpensive alternative to factory and will keep your other rims fresh for spring!

Easy to replace

Factory aluminium wheels can cost upwards of $400.00, they also can take weeks to arrive from the factory. If an accident occurs, winter steel wheels are widely available and considerably less expensive to replace! No one wants this to happen, but chances of an accident are higher during the slippery winter months. 

Factory Fit

 Our steel wheels are made by Toyota , For Toyota's. These wheels only fit a Toyota. Multi fit wheels are manufactured to fit several different vehicles which sacrifices a bit of fitment to accommodate. Most Canadian Tires, Costco's and even KalTire offer multi fit rims. Toyota wheels are not like this at all. They are made for one vehicle, yours! 

Save yourself some money over 5 years

 Each time a tire is taken off a rim, you have to pay to have it mounted back on the different rim and then balanced to ensure you have no steering vibrations. If you have separate winter wheels and tires you pay once, but for the next five years* you only have to swap, which if you're doing your maintenance is included!  You could be saving yourself over $279.92 each year!

* Did you know tires only have a life of approx. 5 years? *

We will hold your rims and tires here, free of charge until you're ready to book an appointment with our service department for the seasonal swap.