*New* Spring Has Sprung! Car Care and Tips!

*New* Spring Has Sprung! Car Care and Tips!

It's the time of year again when the sun shines longer, the birds are tweeting and the dust and grime of winter is slowly being washed away. I'm the kind of person who is a bit OCD about their vehicle and it being cleaned. I am very particular, and if I see the tiniest bit of dirt on the inside of my truck I have slight break downs and cannot wait to take the time and vacuum it up. I know, I'm weird.

I'm also cheap. I feel its ridiculous to pay over $20 for a leather protector, when I tend to go through it faster than ketchup. I have an off road vehicle, so it gets dirty. Very dirty, but I love my truck and am not willing to sacrifice it's reliability and re-sale value by just letting mud cake on (inside and out!). So I clean it a lot, every week, and it can get expensive... Until I found Toyota Touch.

Did you know? Dirt can build up and act like sandpaper, slowly wearing down your paint, it can also mix with rain and other airborne pollutants and etch paint off over time. It can also get into moving parts, damaging seals in your axles, shocks and steering gear.. or worse! These can be expensive parts to replace, and the down time of losing your vehicle for that great long weekend is a crime.

Its easy to prevent. Spending time outside in the sun, with the kids, or with some great music cleaning the winter away is less expensive than the do-it-yourself car washes, or the Esso down the road.

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Rhonda's Car Cleaning Tips:

1. Always wash up, and rinse down. This will ensure that the dirt comes off while cleaning, and stays away when rinsing.

2. Clay bar is King. This handy putty is the magic trick to getting rid of tar spots that come from the construction season ( the bugs too!).  A little goes a very long way. Just wet the paint with some spray wax and glide the clay over the affected area. It comes off with ease. Polish when done!

3. Save your old tooth brushes. One of the biggest issues we have in Alberta is some pitting and rust starting in the little crevasses on our wheels. Washing them frequently and getting a little brush into that space will prevent the damage from occurring. Toothbrushes are also very helpful cleaning the dust and grime from dash vents, and hard to reach places.

4. Wax that paint! Clear coat, the shiny coat over your paint, will wear off over time. Wax will actually protect what is lost. Wax is sacrificial and will wear off in the course of a few months, but while it's there, it will absorb stains and small scratches before those hazards make it to the paint.

5. Don't forget your wiper blades. After washing the windshield, check to see if your wiper blades are clean and in good condition. They tend to wear over the winter and may cause scratches if not replaced. A quick visual inspection will prevent a costly mistake during our summer downpours. Make sure they are clean and wipe the windshield properly. If not, please have them replaced. They are the least expensive, but most valuable safety feature of your Toyota!

6. Being cheap is ok. Not all quality products have a high price tag. Don't be fooled by the price or their specific special purpose. Keep it simple, you only need a few products to ensure your Toyota is in top condition. Our detail department only uses a handful of Toyota products, to professionally detail our guest's cars.

Please comment below if you have any Car Cleaning Tips! We've love to hear from you!