Floor Mats and Mondays

Floor Mats and Mondays

New Toyota Tub Style Floor mats are available for Edmonton, St. Albert and the world!

As the spring weather approaches our Toyota's have been subjected to the elements for almost nine months. I often have questioned the floor mats that have come with my truck for their ability to handle the slush and grime from outside. A light rainfall is no problem, but the 10 cms that can fall in a night lead for grumpy Monday mornings.

Mondays, as if it was not bad enough, we just got five centimeters of snow. There are some mornings where the only way I can get through the commute is to listen to music. Unbeknownst to me, as I am singing and tapping my feet,  I am violently grinding muck and salt from my snow filled boots right into the carpet of my truck and splashing water all over. Once I get out of the truck, I have salt stains and water all over my pants.

Bad day Monday has begun, Monday, Wet Pants Monday. Even once they get dry, it will look like I walked though a salt mine. I haven't even considered the fact that when I go to detail my truck in the summer that I will regret my sing-a-long songs as I scrub stains out. I hate Mondays!

There was a notification regarding a new product from Toyota in my email that Monday. All weather Tub Style floor mats. Finally, I won't be singing Monday blues, maybe something a bit more up beat. These mats cover more carpet than the factory mats, they are moulded to my truck's curves. They deep groves so the water stays in the mat until I empty it or it dries up. I can't prevent the stains that are already in my carpet, but I know I'm not adding extra work come summer. 

Today is Monday, I sang and tapped my foot to the music on the commute into work. It was a peaceful snowy day in Edmonton, we only got up to ten centimeters in places. I got out of my truck. I had dry pants, no wet socks and clean shoes. This is how Monday's should be.

Long live Monday Sing-a-longs in our Toyotas!