Inertia is RUDE!!! Toyota Accessories and Crash Tests.

Inertia is RUDE!!! Toyota Accessories and Crash Tests.

Genuine Toyota Accessories are easy to install, made specifically for your model, built to last carry a factory warranty*... and are crash-tested?

There's more to accessories than most people know. A was recently in a meeting with Toyota Canada and I learnt something interesting that I had to share. I didn't even know this!

Did you know for every new exterior accessory Toyota engineers, a vehicle dies? ( R.I.P Little Buddies!!)

Its a sad time for us Toyota lovers..but there's only one way to crash test. 

Something as harmless as a Bug Deflector, Running Board, Hitch or Tonneau cover affects how the body and frame of your vehicle reacts in a collision. Inertia is rude...and safety regulations are there for a reason. Toyota must meet the requirements under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act not only for their production cars, but their production accessories.

Not such a bad thing if you think about it. Who would want their vehicle to become unsafe in a collision because of a Running Board? It seems pretty ridiculous that an accessory can affect vehicles this much, but the reality today is, they do.

Toyota is stern on safety. It is a priority and all their accessories must comply to goverment and their own standards. As well, they need to work along side the numerous safety systems being added to their vehicle line up.

Bottom line:

Non-Toyota accessories do not have to comply to the same crash test regulations.

I'm not sure if while I'm offroading I want to take those kind of risks. 


Happy Adventuring!

- Rhonda




 * If installed before delivery of vehicle purchase, other warranties applicable, see dealer for details.